Everything You Should Know About Having A Home Gym

Everything You Should Know About Having A Home Gym

Adopting a healthy lifestyle and working out frequently should be a simple process. You only need to get a membership, pack your fitness bag, and head to the gym. It couldn’t be any easier than this, could it? Well, not that fast!

Finding the right time in your busy schedule to work out and to travel back and forth to the gym might be exhausting enough. So, how could you take care of yourself if the circumstances demotivate you? It is simple: consider getting some home gym equipment.

Home Gym Station

Having your own gym will help you insert a few workout sessions into your already busy schedule. Moreover, it will help you save thousands of dollars on unused gym memberships. Setting up your own fitness corner will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed while exercising.

This article will cover everything you need to know about owning a home gym, its advantages, what are the most important details you need to consider when putting together your work out plan, and many other details.

Building Muscles Or Losing Weight – A Long And Demanding Process

How much time does it take to lose weight or build those abs you want so much? Well, it depends on your lifestyle, actual weight, eating habits, and age. In order to get in shape, you need to burn more calories than those you ingest by eating or drinking.

Usually, a human consumes between 50-70 percent of the overall income of calories, only through the basic body functions (blood circulation, breathing, sleeping, keeping the body temperature on the right level, etc.). Still, it all depends on your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).

The more you exercise (depending on the type of workout, the duration, and the intensity), the more energy you use. If you consume more calories than what you burn, over time, you will gain weight.

While the period of time needed to get in shape is different from one individual to another, inserting fitness exercises minimum three times a week in your schedule and respecting a healthy dietary plan might quickly show you some results (you can lose 0.5 – 2 kilograms per week).

Woman Working Out

If traveling to the gym three times a week is an issue, then training at home will offer you the comfort of working out in multiple shorter sessions. If your schedule is so busy, and you simply cannot spend 30 full minutes at the gym, three 10-minute sessions spread over the day are as effective.

In other words, constant exercising facilitates the process of getting in shape, no matter if you want to lose or gain weight. A home gym will make it easier for you to respect your workout program and will give you the freedom of using the equipment anytime you want.

Why Is It So Hard To Go To The Gym?

How many excuses haven’t we heard until now? Starting with it’s too far away from home or work, I don’t have the time, I don’t like my trainer, or I am afraid people will stare, you can name tens of reasons that make it really hard to go to the gym.

While some consider them to be just excuses, the following situations represent true reasons why people avoid working out in gyms and prefer finding a solution closer to home.

It’s Time Consuming

To begin with, getting there is a real struggle. The location of the gym plays a huge role in keeping you motivated to constantly use your membership.

In the beginning, a 15 to 30-minute drive might not seem much of an inconvenience. However, in time, it will become an issue.

No matter if you prefer exercising really early in the morning, before you take your kids to school or after a really stressful and long day at work, it’s most likely you will not always feel like packing your bag, filling your water bottle, taking a 30-minute drive and working out for an hour or so. After that, you also have to drive back home.

The time you spend traveling to and from the gym could be invested in something else, or even added to your workout schedule.

Let’s not forget to mention the waiting in line part. Going to the gym during peak hours is going to be even more time-consuming than actually getting there.

If your work out plan includes alternating exercises with short breaks, you will spend endless time in line until your turn comes back again to use the equipment.

Moreover, not all gyms are opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You might need to move your schedule around, so you can fit their opening hours.

You End Up Spending A Lot Of Money – On An Annual Basis

Depending on the club you subscribed to, you might end up paying between $10 and $100 for your monthly membership fee. The more you pay, the better the conditions of the equipment will be.

Now, let’s be honest. How many times haven’t you paid your subscription without putting a single foot in the gym for weeks?

Taking Money From Wallet

Unfortunately, many people end up wasting thousands of dollars on an annual basis on memberships they do not really use. The money you spend could be used for a one-time investition in a home gym.

Being At The Gym Might Be Uncomfortable For Some

If you are the self-conscious type of person, then working out in a gym with other well-shaped bodybuilders might be really uncomfortable. You just see their muscles flex and you wish you were invisible.

Also, let’s not forget how training in a gym could be a little bit freedom-restrictive. You need to pay attention at all times not to do embarrassing things (such as screaming, grunting, or wearing revealing clothes) that might disturb people around you.

Moreover, even if socialization is always welcomed, too much of it can interrupt you from your purpose. Whether it is because of your pal who keeps talking to you or the beautiful girls/guys who steal your eyes, working out in a gym with many people around you can be a real distraction.

Hygiene Issues

Usually, all the gyms are equipped with well-functioning showers, but if you are not much of a locker type of guy, using the stalls at the same time with other people can be unpleasant.

Many avoid going to the gym simply because they do not like sweating. While sweat is usually a good sign after an intense workout, as it regulates the body temperature, it is definitely highly inconvenient for those who don’t have the time to hit the showers.

Besides that, just imagine how many people use the same equipment in a day. While most of the gyms out there respect strict hygienic rules and clean their goods on a regular basis, you might still end up finding sticky sweat drops on the bike’s chair. And this is a good reason to stop you from going to the gym.

The People You Meet

Gyms are and will always be full of people you like more or less. You get the chance to meet the “way to sweaty” one, the one with the way too loud music in his earphones, the loud-screaming one, or the machine hogger.

While this might give the perfect circumstances to run some anthropological studies, it’s not really your purpose and it doesn’t make it easier for you to exercise.

You will find sweat all over the equipment, people will be loud, they will wear too much perfume, or they will try to be too friendly. If you are strict about your personal space, this will not be a pleasant experience.

Putting a bunch of people in a small space can cause that. On the other hand, a home gym might give you the peace and quiet you’ve been looking for.

What Are The Best Alternatives To Gym Training?

If you are tired of waiting in lines at the gym until the machine you want becomes available or if you cannot stand working out in a crowded room that makes you feel as if you were in a bus during rush hours, then you definitely need an alternative to gym training.

Man Doing Bodyweight Exercise

It is true, some people out there really love gyms, with their fancy equipment, and all those fitness talks.

But, if you don’t enjoy trying to get in shape next to sculpted bodies or running on a treadmill facing another’s person’s derriere doesn’t motivate you that much, then you definitely need to find alternatives that will get you fit.

Bodyweight Training

If you are not a fitness specialist, you probably haven’t yet realized that some of the exercises you usually do with gym equipment can be replaced with bodyweight training.

Bodyweight workouts can be made from the comfort of your own house, don’t cost you a thing, and will get you great results. Simple squats, push-ups, and sit-ups will help you get in shape.

Moreover, bodyweight training is a great way of improving your flexibility, balance, and your shape. You do not need any specialized equipment and it will save you the struggle of hitting the gym.

If some of the bodyweight exercises use a pull-up bar or a bench, most of the times, you will be able to make use of the items everyone has in their household: a chair, a wall, or a simple door.

If you are a beginner, you might want to start off easier and mix a series of exercises you are able to do, until your body is trained enough to raise the level of difficulty. You could start simple, with some series of push-ups.

Here’s an interesting fact: you might believe that push-ups engage only your chest and arm, but in reality, you also use your neck, thighs, legs, back and shoulders.

If you do a circuit of 60 seconds (50 seconds of exercising and 10 seconds of rest) you might be noticing some improvements in your strength and body shape quite fast.

In case you have some experience working out and you are looking for the most effective solutions to replace the exercises you usually do at the gym, here are some suggestions for you:

  • Replace seated chest press machine with pushups
  • Replace leg press with single-leg squat exercises
  • Replace tricep push downs with tricep dips

Make Your Own Gym Space At Home

While having a home gym might seem a luxury, believe us when we say you can actually build your workout space in your own home without spending a fortune. In the long run, you will end up saving money that you would have spent on your gym memberships.

Home Gym

Whether you are planning to remodel your whole home to add another room for your home gym, you use an extra bedroom, or you have just an empty corner, these are the steps you need to take to make your own workout space at home:

Find The Right Space In Your House And Dedicate It Only To Your Workouts

The best-case scenario is to have a separate room with good ventilation ready to accommodate your gym equipment. No matter if it's an old office, bedroom, or the basement, try to use the space for training only.

If you don’t have a spare room, just try to find a small area in your house. A back porch, a patio, or even a corner in your living room will be more than enough

Make A Budget

Make sure you don’t overspend on setting up your home gym. Make some calculations and establish from the very beginning how much you afford to invest in the space you have chosen.

After you set the maximum amount you are willing to spend, make some research on fitness equipment to discover the best training machines.

If your budget is tight, find alternatives. For example, you can replace the stair-stepper with a set of pallets. You can also use some DVDs with exercises and you are ready to start your training sessions.

Keep It Simple And Organized

Once you have selected the space and you purchased everything you need, make sure you find a way of depositing your equipment in between the workout sessions. A few shelves or bins should be more than enough.

Keep your equipment simple. This way, you will avoid clutter. Remember that some of the most effective exercises come from minimal and simplistic equipment.

Put Together An Action Plan And Enjoy Your Home Gym

Now that your workout space is set up, make sure you use it. Put together a training schedule one week at a time. When exercising, try not to give into the temptations (your phone, your computer, your favorite tv show, etc.). Disconnect from your devices and allow yourself 30 minutes of intense workout.

Home Gym Machine

If going to the gym is not an option, bringing the gym to you is definitely a good solution. Having a home gym machine in the comfort of your house will give you the freedom to practice exercises for different categories of muscles while using a single piece of equipment.

What Is A Home Gym?

To begin with, a home gym is seen as an alternative to going to any public gym. It is a place in someone’s home designed to accommodate the equipment one needs to run a workout session without having to leave the comfort of the house. These gyms can be located in basements, garages, spare bedrooms, or simply in a small corner of the living room.

Some prefer having their own gym because they don’t need to pay membership, don’t have to share the equipment with unknown people, and have the freedom of training at any time of the day or the night.

Advantages Of A Home Gym Machine

A home gym machine is usually defined as a multi-station piece of equipment that accommodates 1 to 3 persons that can work out safely at the same time.

Multi Station Home Gym

The machine is installed in your house and helps you train the vast majority of muscles categories without needing any additional equipment. The following characteristics make home gym machines an advantageous choice:

They Are Compact

Home gym machines are designed to fit in limited spaces. Because they include features that accommodate a multitude of exercises, they are a smart and elegant way of saving some room.

This type of machine not only fits in the corner of the room, but it also allows you to explore multiple areas of the fitness world: sandbag workouts, calisthenics, yoga, or barbell exercises.

All In One Full Body Workout

Because they’re so compact and easy to use, home gym machines allow its users to properly train multiple parts of the body.

The machines incorporate different weight machines and their shape will put the body in the proper position, no matter if you decide to train your lower or upper body.

They Help You Save Time

They will save you not only the time you spend traveling to and from the public gym, but also the time of waiting for your turn to come to use the equipment.

Moreover, home gyms offer a lot of flexibility of movement between exercises. If, at some point in your training, you decide to move from the upper to the lower body, you can do that without too much struggle.

They Help You Save Money

Besides the money you will save on your gym membership, home gym machines will allow you to buy one single piece of equipment for an affordable price, instead of buying every single item alone.

Do Home Gyms Need Assembly?

Depending on the complexity of the home gym, professional assembly services might be needed. Some of the equipment doesn't require any installation at all, as it was designed as a one-piece product from the very beginning. You just need to place it in the room and start using it.

Other items might need a few screws to be put in place. Still, there are some machines out there that might need the help of professionals to be installed. Keep in mind that assembling it is not the only thing you need to take care of. The equipment might be heavy, and you might need some help placing it in your home gym.

When buying the machine, you should see if your provider can help you with the assembling. It is most likely he will have the tools to put the machine together.

Home Gym Maintenance

If you use the equipment properly, it will resist for a long period of time. Of course, you also need to clean it as often as possible. Use some cleaning solution for the handles, bars, and upholstery.

Gym Station Cleaning

Frequent professional checkups will also help you prolong the life of your workout equipment. The parts that need to be verified frequently are: belts, tension, cable alignment, and levelling. Be aware that, depending on the machine you use, these may differ. Consult the manual and you will find out more about the maintenance techniques that suit the needs of your equipment.

A well-maintained home gym will last you for many years and will help you save money in the long run.


We hope that our guide helped you gain a better understanding of what home gyms are and how to use them. We wanted to make sure you have access to all the needed data and make informed decisions when it comes to approaching an active lifestyle.

In our forthcoming article, we will introduce to a buying guide that will help you select the most appropriate equipment for your needs. Stay updated!

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